I perform on aerial hoop, aerial silks and aerial net.

You can watch my solo "Vivo Per Lei" aerial hoop act both with live singers and without. Some people prefer the simplicity of the standalone act, while others like the dynamic and synergy of combining the act with live singers.

You can also see on this page some compilations of training footage showing some different moves and sequences.

If you want to see a full showreel for a specific act, then please visit my Juggling or Ice Skating showreels for my full routines or range of skills in that discipline. You can find showreels including more than one discipline on the General page. 

Aerial Acts Promo Sting - Silks and Hoop

Aerial Hoop on Ice - full act choreographed for Ocean Park Hong Kong with Sarah Kawahara

Vivo Per Lei, Solo Aerial Hoop Act

Without singers

Vivo Per Lei, Solo Aerial Hoop Act

With singers

A compilation of aerial hoop training footage and show footage, including some tricks and sequences not featured in the performance showreels on this page