If you want a brief overview of my skills then take a look at some of my generalist show reels.

To help you find what you're after, there's a short description outlining which skills are featured underneath each video.

If you want to see a full showreel for a specific act, then please visit my Aerialist, Juggling or Ice Skating showreels for my full routines or range of skills in that discipline

A one minute snapshot of my aerial hoop (on stage and in ice skates) and bounce juggling (on stage and on ice), along with a little club juggling.

A full-length reel showcasing adagio skating, juggling and hula hooping

A full-length reel showcasing aerial hoop, silks, net, double wire harness flying, LED poi, ice skating and aerial hoop on ice

A full-length reel showcasing adagio pair performances and training, with some acro juggling thrown in

A full-length four minute showreel showing ice skating (solo and adagio pair), juggling (bounce ball, club and ring) and aerial hoop (on stage and in ice skates).

A showcase of my second cruise contract, with aerial hoop, silks and net, as well as club juggling and poi acts

A little bit of fun playing with normal speed and then slow motion shots of some of my tricks.

An acrobatic demo, which demonstrates some of what I can bring to ensemble work.